Fashion Forward 002 - Wardrobe Auditing
Today is the 3rd last day on the Chinese calendar, the day of spring cleaning, perfect time for ‘wardrobe auditing’. It’s a subject that we got quite a few raised hands for. Women love shopping, anything from clothes to shoes to bags. The thing is, we are also the ones who whine about having nothing to wear. What kind of logic is that? We keep buying and stuffing our wardrobe until it’s so overwhelmed that makes it hard to see through the hills and mountains of clothes. Here are a few steps on wardrobe auditing which will hopefully help! 1. Break Old Patterns Don’t we all have like 20 pieces..
Fashion Forward 001 - Get Right with Fashion
Allow me to start this ‘Fashion Forward’ series here on how to move forward with fashion. It might sound a bit serious, like some kind of a relationship we have to nurture and develop with. Well yes, that’s exactly the idea. Whenever we get right with a relationship, we reap bountifully from it, both physically and emotionally. It does make us not only look good but more importantly feel good, and can be therapeutic even! Now question. Who is fashion to you? Is she a friend? A partner, a parent, a distant cousin, a teacher or a stranger? Or a bit of everything? There is no right or wrong answ..
‘Faith’ x ‘Fashion’ - The Two ‘F’ Words in My Life
Fashion, this ‘F’ word, fascinates me, even till now. It is so multifaceted and multilayered. We all have our own take and attitude towards fashion. It may not even stay the same throughout. It could simply mean ‘clothes’ to many. To me, fashion is a kind of language, a form of self-expression, to communicate with others who you are. So the question is who I am. I’ve been in fashion for long enough to embrace its ebbs and flows, both in the bigger context and within my own little business. I do, however, love to forge into new adventures and metamorphose. That’s the fun part of it. My recent ..
The Calling
There was a time when I waited and waited upon my calling, wondering what it is that God wants me to do for him? I have been in the fashion and luxury industry for long enough by now. Should I stay or not ? What is my true calling? What if I am wasting my time when I could well be teaching kids or doing something more ‘loving and Godly’? One day it dawned on me that it would not make sense for anyone to call himself a loving father if he points his finger at his daughter and tells her what to do or where to go in order to please him, let alone our Heavenly Father. God has given each of us uniq..
Zip up (My Mouth)
Is it even possible?  What is the most difficult lesson in life for you?  I think for me, humility is definitely one of them.  As someone who was born into a Christian family and went to Sunday School since I was a child, I thought I knew many of the teachings and Bible verses by heart. However, they all come to nothing when I fail to put them into practice. Especially when we think we have gained a fairly reasonable amount of ‘wisdom’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘success’, pride builds up naturally. Very often, I find myself losing it over taxi drivers and even people close to me. The wor..
It is through God’s mercy that reconciliation is enabled and that is exactly the case for my father and I. We never got along. Ever since I was a child, hatred filled my heart when I think about him. ‘Irresponsible’, ‘selfish’, ‘cunning’ were all the adjectives that I could use to describe him. I needed to gauge whether he was telling the truth or whether he was having a hidden agenda. Because of my ill feelings toward my father, I haven’t seen him for so many years. Until one day, I finally can be free from the bondage. I will always remember that day. When Jane, my sister, prayed for m..
So Beautiful
Seems like people are on a never-ending search for beauty. I am of no exception. I used to get up early in the morning, go to the gym, then spend a vast amount of time putting on nice makeup, hoping to look “the best” that I could and that someone will think I know something about beauty. Yet I wonder, who actually defines beauty and how is it done after all? What is it, that would be considered beautiful? The definition of beauty is ever-changing alongside with the world and its values. The 1950s kind of beauty is completely different than that of 2019’s. I cannot really put a finger on..
Hello Maxi Skirt
Two questions that I get asked very often are, “what is in trend this season?” and “what should i wear?” To be honest, I have no answer to those. I personally do not follow trends and I usually would suggest people to wear what they like. By no means I am trying to brush them off, but very truly, my best answer to that would be to only wear what makes you happy. Otherwise, what’s the point? What I can share tho, are some mix-and-match ideas, or I’d rather call it ‘mix-and-mix’ as it doesn’t have to always be matchy matchy for added character. I wear lots of long maxi skirts for fall and winter..
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